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Funny Stories (Only the title, the stories is being edited)

1.         Travel in midnight (Feng)

2.         Car Racing (Sun Tie, Wang Gan, Qian Jiping and Liu Feng)

3.         Usurp the throne and change our tour plan (Tie, Ping, Xiaoxin, Weijun and Baiming)

4.         Exit or underground parking lots? (Wang Gan)

5.         Speed limited: From Toronto to Montreal is 150km/hr (Tie)

From Montreal to Toronto is 100km/hr (Xiaoxin)

6.         250+150=? (Ping)

7.         Turn on your wiper in sunny day. (Zeng Yang and his wife, Li Wei)

8.         Yumin: Changchun, whistle one night, please. Chui(1) Yi  Shou(3), Xiu(3)

9.         Right or left (Feng)

10.     Beer bottle (Feng)

11.     Road 40 or 401 (Ping and Wei)

The award of 2002 Reunion

1.         The best Wife: All

2.         The best Husband: Liu Yingjie (Yumin’s husband) and Jiang Tao (Xiangying’s husband)

3.         The best supporter: Liu Yingjie and Jiang Tao

4.         The best Actor of Comedy: Shi Zhisheng

5.         The best Actress of Comedy: Sun Baiming

6.         The best supporting Actor of Comedy: Qian Jiping (Weijun’s husband)

7.         The best supporting Actress of Comedy: Zhao Yumin

8.         The best driver: Qian Jiping and Sun Tie

9.         The best doctor and the worst vocal mimicry: Zuo Changchun

10.     The best follower: Zeng Yang (P.S.: He only follows his wife, Li Wei)

11.     The strongest driver: Wang Gan

12.     The worst driver: Wang Gan, Dai Hong and Li Wei

13.     The worst actor of comedy: Liu Feng

14.     The Worst Guide: Liu Feng

15.     The worst husband: Shi Zhisheng

16.     The worst wife: Not applicable

17.     The stricter wife: Zhao Yumin and Chen Xiangying


The Best of 2002 reunion: Liu Yingjie and Jiang Tao

The worst of 2002 reunion: Shi Zhisheng and Liu Feng