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before the start

after the spreading: sheet, quilt, pillows, blanket, coushion...

chinese zai sheng gui zi (1)

chinese zai sheng gui zi (2)

werstern rose and champagne (1)

werstern rose and champagne (2)

greeting card (1)

greeting card (2)

one gentleman, one fairlady, one groombride

gao2 4 photo

yonug's photos



  1. tong = tong ji university, hua = qinghua university, the school Li and Yang graduated
  2. five nuts: date, peanut, guiyuan, and lotus seed and lizi, for two earlier delivery of two good children
  3. other meanings are clear by themselves.


All photos


Yang's words:

What can I say my dear friends? m just left here and
at the end of this wonderful evening I feel I have
nothing to say, but only feel my heart is with you,
the brothers and sisters from the whole Gao2.4 class.
I feel my energy has not been supplemented like this
for a long long time. It is a wonderful moment. It is
the thought of brothers and sisters from the whole
gao2.4 standing behind me and that alone raises my
spirit and make me want to cry. Brothers and sisters,
you have made my day. Thank you, thank you and thank

Look at what an wonderful job m has done. behind that
I can feel each good wish from you. My fiancee keeps
saying what a wonderful class you have had. That's
right. what a wonderful class and what a bunch of old
friends. In this world we do have something to
cherish, some memory to last for a life time. 

wei & yang 

Hi, all,

It's nice pleasure last night "nao dong fang". To feed your jealous and anxious eyes please see summary in:

As indicated in the card cover, 'simply perfect', the couple is simply perfect. We unpacked the bedrooms stuff in Yang's House, trying to duplicate whatever I saw in Macy's showroom. We arranged both chinese style with zao sheng  gui zi (there are two zi, one lizi, one lianzi), we arranged the champagne and rose for western romantics, the groom and bride are in their very good state as a couple, intimate yet considerate, we both champagne and tea, deep and plain, then they invited me to a restaurant for a vege feast. Yang is friendly as you know, so doese the faiylady, easy to talk and go with. Nao dong fang ended around eleven. 

These are the one of the best couples I saw these years, enough to cause some jealousies for most of the others. 

It's a certainly a surprise to them when such a blessing from whole gao 24 class came to their house, this is the credit of all the soldiers and officers in our class. This made us a warm family.

Yang also took some photos, we were right of not buying a videocam for him since his wife already got a one, bed room things are really they need, I chose the warm and pinky colors and full cotton materials, hope you like them. 

Best Regards