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Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 From: Xuefeng Wang < Subject: Re: bay area gathering
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 From: "zhongya ma" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 From: Zhisheng Shi <> | Block address Subject: RE: Wang Liming's baby
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 10:52:13 -0800 From: Xuefeng Wang <>To: LI FRANKLIN DUAN <> Subject: [Fwd: a page for ours]

Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 10:14:24 -0700
From: Xuefeng Wang <> | Block address
To: Guang Bai <>, Jianchun Yu <>, Changchun Zuo <>, Ping Huang <>, Qiang Zhang <>, Zhisheng Shi <>, Wei Cui <>, Limin Wang <>, Yeechun Liu <>, Guisong Li <>, Zhongya Ma <>, Xuefeng Wang <>, xiaoxin xu <>, Liu Yifeng <>, Yang Zeng <>, Baiming <>, "Sun, Tie" <>, Chunfang Xu <>, Feng Xie <>, Yifeng Liu <>, Yumin Zhao <>, Xiangying Chen <>, Cai Meng <>, FengLIU <>, LI FRANKLIN DUAN <>, Guangyi Li <>, Zhikang Shen <>, Hong Zhang <>, Qingfeng Guan <>, Gang Chen <>, Zhongqiang Wang <>, Qiang Wu-1 <>, Qiang Wu-2 <>, Yan Wang <>,
Subject: Hi
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Dear everyone--

I came back home from China 1.5 days ago. Met good old high
friends in Beijing, Changchun and San Francisco Bay, some of whom
haven't seen for more than 14 years. Again, I was so happy to
see them
happy and accomplished; again, I was soaked with warmth and
songs; and
again, time went by so quickly...

I have some pictures of Beijing and Bay gatherings but have no
to digitize them now. Shall do that later(but Duan Li: Could you
publish that pic you grabbed from me?)
Zhisheng, who sponsored the Changchun gathering,
has digitized pics, which I think he should publish soon.

In the email list above, I added several new comers: Wang Yan,
Wu Qiang, Chen Gang, Wang Zhongqiang, Guan Qingfeng.
Lao Ma requested that I publish the contact info of people mostly
in our home town. And here it goes(it is based on an old version
of Zuo

Ma Zhongya: 8940120(H) 13604437573 (Cell).
Guan Qingfeng: 5605739(H) 5705362(O)
Xu Chunfang: 7986081(H) 7973475(O) 13504489980(cell)
Wang Limin 5189169(H)
Xie Feng: 5527336(H) 5678000-51919 (BP)
Shen Zhikang: 010-68492852(O) 13901245698(cell)
Zhou Deping: 024-23898587(O) 024-23906489 (H)
Chen Gang: 022-27730610(H?)
Wang Zhongqiang: 0432-2497187(O) 1374329697(cell or bp?)



From: "zhongya ma" <> | Block address
Subject: Re: bay area gathering
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 03:29:47 GMT
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hi m

very nice to hear these. Someday maybe we, all of classmates of
Class 4, can
come back to Changchun to see each other. Maybe in dreams. have
you any
chance come back? miss you too much.if possible, publish your
photos, ok?

Prof. Wang: publish the pictures we have taken, and telephone nos
we wrote
at Changchun.

When Prof. Shi asked me communicate with others in Changchun, I
look the
picture taken before and found few living in Changchun. That's
too bad! But
it is good so we have friends all over the world.

Guangyi has found new apartment. God bless her. Hope she has
wanderful life.

Prof. Shi, nice to meet you at Changchun. Hope you come again.

No news from Cui, why?

Sun Tie, a u ok?

I have never heard from Zhang Qiang, is he vapored?


Subject: bay area gathering
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 15:51:55 -0700 (PDT)

Dear comrades,

A gang of four gathered in SF bay yesterday night, they are: his
honorable shen wishing prospers, prof. wang learning mountains,
Mr. previous proud, and m. Mr. Zhang hong was absent due to
the busy business condition. The first two arrived afternoon
yesterday from PRC, then Zengyang carried them to silicon valley
where we had a simple greeting dinner. Beers were served with
little dishes since the time was late when we arrived the
restaurant. Then we went to visit ZY's office. Then we went to
Oracle, as per boss shen's request, where we see it surrounded
by a big beautiful lake mirrored by the night city light. Then we

went to boss shen's hotel to chat until 1am. Some one made an
anonymous call to cui great, answered by a nice lady's voice

Prof. Wang went back home today, boss shen went to Las Vegas
for some gambling. Wish his success.

Photos will be distributed with the aid of the Prof. history, he
should be at home now, we would have awakened him from his
dream if we were not compassionate enough.


Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 10:43:04 -0600
From: Zhisheng Shi <> | Block address
Subject: RE: Wang Liming's baby
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Hi, all

Qiang, Did you use any magic force to attract the UFO? Feel that
you posses
any kind of super power now?

I tend to believe that many things are not impossible but just
(Sounds very mathematical, comments, Xuefeng?). Therefore,
keeping an open
mind is good.

Nature (or universe) is much much more powerful than we human
being could
understand now. However, if we are too much into the magic power
we may
lose our own ground. I still remember the story when we were at
Uni. We had
a red He-Ne laser on the 6th-floor lab. Do you remember what
happened when
late evening we played the laser beam into the crowd on the
street? The red
laser spot really caused some panic. Some people stopped, some
running away, some even said that the red spot might come from
the spy
satellite and wanted to report to the security police. Creating a
3-dimensional holographic picture can be a kind of toy thing now.
try sending us some brain wave and see we could receive it.

BTW, this morning I listened to NPR. Here is an interesting
result: the more a woman earn for the family, the less will the
husband do
the housework. Female villagers, are you considering quitting
your jobs?
We, male villagers, would certainly like to send our wives out
for work now.

Take care,


At 10:20 AM 3/6/00 -0500,
> Hi, villagers:
> It's so nice to hear from you again. Well I found my problem
too. I
>don't know for what reason that all your email addresses were
set into
>excluding list for at least one month. As a result, I didn't
receive any
>messages from you since last Christmas.
> Congratulations for Wang Liming's new born! God bless you!
> Did anyone of you believe the existence of UFO? Although I
>believe it before (I can't say I believe it now), but I
witnessed an UFO
>myself. It was on last December, after coming back to the states
>Montreal, I went to Montreal again. on December 29, I was
invited by a
>friend of mine for dinner. The weather was very cold and dry on
that day. I
>was walking on the sideways when suddenly a small round object
shining with
>red light flied towards me. At beginning, I thought it was just
some kind of
>light coming from nearby house. But the small flying object
stopped in front
>of me, hanging in the air. It was just several inches away from
my head
>(about the size of candy ball). You know what? I was scared,
>scared!!! I was afraid that this little thing might get inside
my head. So I
>stared at it with all my focus. It hanged there for about 30
seconds with
>shining red light, then it started to make circle slowly around
me. To watch
>it, I kept turning myself. After about ten rounds, it flied
>disappearing into high sky.
> Please don't think I am just telling you a junk story for your
>entertainment, what I am telling is a real thing, a true
>Although I was scared at that time, I truly hope it will happen
to me again.
>Hopefully some of you can give me some suggestions about what it
might be.
> Here is my new address and telephone #:

> My home is about one and half hours drive from New York city.
>are very welcomed to visit me if you pass by New York.
> Cui Wei, can you tell me what is the so-called "our own WARM
> Qiang

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:23:59 -0600
From: Zhisheng Shi <> | Block address
Subject: Re: 20 years, almost
To: weicui <>, Zhongya Ma <>, Zhong Ya Ma <>, ZhiSheng Shi <>, Zai Ming Jin <>, Yumin Zhao <>, Yifeng Liu <>, Yeechun Liu <>, Yang Zeng <>, Yang Zeng <>, Yang Zeng <>, Yan Ruo Han <>, Xue Feng Wang <>, xiaoxin xu <>, Xiao Xin Xu <>, Xiangying Chen <>, "Sun, Tie" <>, Qiang Zhang <>, Qiang Zhang <>, Qiang Zhang <>, Meng Cai <>, Liu Yifeng <>, Li Min Wang <>, "Jiang, Tao" <>, Jiang Huijie <>, Jianchun Yu <>, Jianchun Yu <>, Huang Ping <>, Guisong Li <>, Guang Bai <>, Feng Xie <>, Feng Liu <>, Chunfang Xu <>, Changchun Zuo <>, Baiming Sun <>, Li Duan <>, Hong Zhang <>, Yi Chun Liu <>
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Genius Wei --,

It is the most pleasant time to read all your e-mails. Referring
to our
Teacher Wang (Jiang)'s motto, if wei could dig one folk out each
day we
will make a complete reunion in x days. Keep your good job, Wei.

It is with my pleasure to agree Xuefeng's diligent version that
Canada is
for sure the ideal place for a summer reunion. Changchun, Huang
Ping, Zhao
Yumin and Sun Baiming, (of course old-comer, Tie, as well), wish
you all
the best in this dragon year. Tell us something of your new life
there. Huang Ping, your problem seems to have our math professor

Duan Li, I was so happy when Zhang hong told me last week that
you are
hiding somewhere in US. Say something. Your mail is just in. Is
all 50lb
gained underwater or above water? Really nice to hear you, m.
Wow, M and m
working together for our home page, nothing in between will be
missed, I
guess. In Wei's digital camera, there should be more interesting
photo to

Yi Chun, could you use part per million of your contract money to
someone to tell us your current well-beings? (or maybe you hired
already). Wish you all the success.

Xuefeng, Wei and Kathy have posted their current photos? How do
you think
that everyone posts his/her photo? Photos with "relatives" are
of course

Oklahoma is having the most wonderful winter weather now and I
believe that it is because of our classmate reunion.


Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 10:52:13 -0800
From: Xuefeng Wang <> | Block address
Subject: [Fwd: a page for ours]
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From: "Ma Zhong Ya" <>
To: 于 建春 <>, 许 晓欣 <>, 王 学锋 <>, 王 利民 <>, 刘 锋 <>, 金 在明 <>, 黄 平 <>, 崔 玮 <>, 白 光 <>, 陈 向颖 <>, 蔡 萌 <>, 曾 杨 <>, 张 强 <>
Subject: Re: a page for ours
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 23:09:33 +0800

Hi, everyone!

I read letters from the classmates in the States.
Cui Wei gave me inspiration. Why do not we creat a page for our
classmates. So I did it. Of course, it is a freepage, that is we
have to look the ads in it.

If you are interested in it, please go to

If you have some good or better suggestions, pls let me know.

Have fun, friends!

Ma Zhongya